Human Resources

The Human Resource Department will help The Town of Severance meet the needs of our community. The human resources department is here to identify, develop, implement and support programs and processes that add value to the workforce capabilities for the Town of Severance and its employees. Through strategic collaboration, it is our goal to enrich employee welfare, enhance employee empowerment, and continually improve efficiencies, while remaining committed to the Town’s vision and core values.

HR VISION: TOWN PRIDE through Leadership, Service and Collaboration.

CORE VALUES The Town of Severance employees are required to perform work in a manner consistent with and exemplary of the TOWN PRIDE Core Values:

T -Teamwork:

Valuing our citizens and colleagues in collaboration.

O -Open-Minded:

Incorporating the voices, ideas and cultures of all to create an environment of inclusion and mutual respect.

W -Welcoming

Citizen participation that promotes open communication, mutual respect, and the development of community leaders.

N -Neighborly:

Preservation of a vibrant community that respects a small-town character.

P -Professionalism

Focus on problem solving by listening empathetically while responding promptly and fairly.

R -Respect:

Sound, reasonable, honest and transparent resource management.

I -Innovation:

Driven by creativity and continuous improvement to optimize and better our services.

D -Dedication:

Striving for excellence in public service through leadership, service and collaboration.

E -Ethics:

Ethical conduct through transparency, accountability, and integrity are the essentials of strong leadership, service and collaboration.

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