Town Staff

Nicholas J. Wharton

Town Administrator

Michael Jenner

Town Clerk

Kyle Rietkerk

Assistant to the Town Administrator

Steve Christensen

Town Treasurer

Lindsay Radcliff-Coombes

Human Resource Manager

Mitch Nelson

Town Planner

Marsha Gapp

Front Desk Clerk

Jakob Sutton

Utility Billing & Court Clerk

Abdul Barzak

Permit Clerk

Marc Johns

Public Works Director/ ADA Coordinator

Jose Guzman

Water & Wastewater Supervisor

Rod Tregoning

Parks Supervisor

Contract Staff

Greg Bell

Town Attorney

Mike Ketterling

Town Engineer

Chris Messersmith

Town Engineer


Severance Town Hall
3 South Timber Ridge Parkway
PO Box 339
Severance, CO 80546


Phone - 970-686-1218
Fax - 970-686-6250



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