The Town of Severance currently has three (3) open Trustee positions. This is a mail ballot election which will be held on April 7th of 2020.



  1. Trustee Selection:

The Town of Severance is governed by board of seven trustees.  Three trustee positions are to be filled in this election by the three candidates receiving the highest total number of votes.


  1. Ballot Question #1: Home Rule

Severance is currently a statutory town under Colorado law.  As such, all of its powers and functions are as allowed or defined in state statute.  This ballot question asks the voters whether the town should initiate the process to create and present to the voters at a later date a charter which is independent of the state statutes or remain a statutory town. An affirmative vote only starts the process; it does not establish home rule, which would come only after a charter is developed and approved.


  1. Ballot Question #2: Sale Of Marijuana and Cannabis Products

The Town of Severance currently prohibits all sales of marijuana products, both medical and retail.  Ballot Question #2 seeks to establish the will of the majority of Severance voters regarding whether to continue such prohibition or remove it, in which case the Town would be required to develop its own regulatory code for such businesses.


  1. Ballot Question #3: Authorizing Retail Marijuana Sales and Excise Tax.

Under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) all questions of imposition of new taxes must be approved by the voters.  This ballot question requests authority to impose a seven percent tax, in addition to regular municipal sales tax, on any retail marijuana sales if and when such sales become allowable within the Town of Severance.




Town Hall

Contact Us

3 S. Timber Ridge Parkway
Severance, CO 80550

Office: (970) 686-1218
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Candidates for Trustees

Michelle Duda


~  Engaged ~ Listener ~ Open-minded ~

~  Preserve Open Land ~ Responsible Growth ~ Business Development ~

~ Accountability ~ Informed Decisions ~


  • Married 11 years, Mom of 2-year-old, and black Labrador
  • Accounting career for over 10 years- Graduate of Regis University Magna Cum Laude
  • Resident within the Town of Severance for 8 years


I have worked with the town of Severance for over four years including being a board member on the Planning Commission, board member on Great Western Trail, most recently a Severance representative and Trustee; holding the title of Mayor Pro-Tem.


Accomplishments within my time on the board:

  • Transparency to the residence- notice for meetings, postings on website and Facebook, recorded and posted meetings
  • Community park
  • Buying and securing water portfolio for town residents to become independent from water districts
  • Staffing for building inspections- completed by internal personnel
  • Review of Metro districts to preserve our town future
  • Panel of Severance citizens to review our comprehensive plan- review open space- zoning and the overall culture and feel for Severance.
  • High speed internet connections through-out the town on new developments
  • Transportation plan- Review of town needs for roads, stop lights and safety for our residents
  • Town implementation of policies and procedures

Stephen Gagliardi

Dear Residents of Severance Colorado,


My name is Stephen Gagliardi and I am running for the position of Trustee for our Town of Severance, Colorado. Our small towns sense of community and neighborly attitude make Severance a great place to live. My wife and I would not want to raise our son anywhere else. In the last few years Severance has seen rapid growth and that growth is what motivated me to become involved in our town’s government.


I currently work for the Weld County RE4 School District as the Network Administrator. I have helped plan and build Range View Elementary, Severance Middle School and Severance High School. My career in public education has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I have been a small business owner. I have served on the Severance Town Planning Commission and am currently serving as a Trustee. My goal as Trustee has been to balance our small town way of life with the needs of our rapidly growing community.


As Trustee my primary areas of focus for the next four years will be managing our growth responsibly and keeping a balanced budget. Our transportation infrastructure, water treatment plants, and recreational facilities will need significant upgrades to keep up with the demands of our residents.  To provide these services without raising taxes we need to attract and create opportunities for small business. The tax revenue from small business will help keep taxes low and our quality of life high. The addition of commercial businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, health services, oil and gas related businesses and high speed internet providers will create the tax revenue and convenience our town deserves.


Involvement, hard work and thoughtful planning are what will keep Severance a great place to live. It is my vision for Severance to be the small town that exemplifies our Northern Colorado way of life. Great people, a thriving economy, and wide open spaces.


Thank you for your time and I respectfully ask for your vote in the upcoming election.

Stephen Gagliardi

Joe Pirrone

37067 Bald Eagle CT

Age: 68

Occupation: Retired

Length of Time as Town Resident: 8 Years

Previous Political Experience: Town of Severance Tree Board.

Additional Information: Over 40 years of management, leadership and Board membership experience in industry, private and fraternal organizations. Currently serving on the Town of Severance Tree Board, the Board of Directors of the Soaring Eagle Ranch Home Owners Association, The National Board of Directors of the Classic Car Club of America and the Board of Directors of the Poudre Valley Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America.

Dan Raunig

807 Scotch Pine Drive

Age: 30

Occupation: Fire Protection Contractor

Length of time as a Town Resident: 4.5 Years.

Previous Political Experience: None

My Name is Dan Raunig. I am married to my wife Mary, and I am the father of our two little girls Reagan and Charlee. I work in the fire protection and life safety industry and have for six years. My wife and I moved to Severance coming up on five years ago after we both graduated from Colorado State University. We started our young family in this great town, and my hopes are to serve this community to maintain the local small-town feel we have benefited from since we moved here. I believe as trustee, it would be my responsibility to ensure responsible growth while maintaining the small town agricultural feel of our town, without adversely impacting new and current residents. I believe as a town we are at a crossroads in our growth. We currently have the opportunity to transform from a bedroom community that feeds outlying towns and cities, into a prosperous self-sustaining town with our own Severance feel. I believe we could see this transformation occur through the attraction of new business and enterprise. It would be my honor to serve this community as a Board of Trustee Member.


Kyle Schnellmann

1416 Red Fox Circle

Kyle Schnellmann is the President of Tile Kyle & Company, Inc., a commercial flooring contractor located in Severance, CO. He established this company in 2004, contracting small residential tile projects. He has expanded the company’s services to include all types of flooring and provides professional installations to the restaurant, hotel, and medical sectors. He is responsible for the leadership of 35 personnel. His honest and logical approach to business is what has made his company successful.


He served in the US Army as a Sergeant in the First Battalion, 321st Field Artillery Regiment (Airborne), the only 155 mm airborne field artillery unit in the world. His time served in the Army, provided him with confidence and leadership skills that would later allow him to grow a small business into a multi-million dollar company.


A resident of the Town of Severance since 2006, he has been married to his wife Christina for 12 years and they have three boys ages eight, six, and four. Being a Colorado native, Kyle enjoys spending his free time fishing, hunting, snowboarding, and dirt biking with his family and friends.




Kyle Schnellmann



Tad Stout

Hello Neighbors!   Let me introduce myself.    My Name is Tad Stout.   I’m a 43 years old and a Third Generation Native Coloradoan.   I grew up in Windsor, graduated from Windsor High School and earned degrees from Aims Community College, Front Range Community College, and Colorado State University.   My wife Julie and I have been residents of Old Town Severance for 17 years. Since December 2018 I have served the Town as a Trustee.  Previous to this position I had the pleasure of serving the Town as the Chair of the Severance Tree Board.  Prior to applying for either board position I attended dozens of town board meetings to acquaint and educate myself with the operation of government, and the current events within the town. 

   Currently I have three occupations.    I am a staff wildlife biologist for an engineering firm specializing in electrical power transmission.   For 20 years I have been a recreational consultant, biologist and outdoor guide in Colorado and Alaska, and I also work as an interior trim and finish carpenter and custom wood worker as time allows.  I balance these positions with the most important job in the world which is being a father to my two children Gunnar (11), and Lily (7).

    I have a diverse range of professional experience in construction, water management, upstream and midstream oil & gas development, electrical transmission & storage, utility construction and infrastructure, biology, recreation and tourism, and agriculture.

My vision for the town first and foremost is that we preserve the quality of life and safety for our residents.   Water is a major concern for every community and it should be the first priority for our town.  Infrastructure and roads are major items that continue to have high priorities from our diligent staff and leadership.    Having been a resident of this area for over 4 decades I have seen the Windsor and Severance area struggle with the best choices for the preservation of historical and cultural character.   I would like to see future developments in the town that account for our values and history. Coloradoans are generally active people with love of the outdoors.   The Severance area originally prospered because of its agricultural history.    I’d love to see all areas of the town completely connected physically and culturally.  I’d love to attract commercial and residential interests that embody our small town character in both design and out-of-the-box thinking.    Our children should be able to have access to open spaces and activities that encourage participation in and stewardship of outdoor spaces.

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