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Project Details

  • Description From Management Plan: The Theme of the Saddler Ridge Phase 2 development is “diversity & walk-ability”. The diverse land uses offered by Saddler Ridge Phases 1 & 2 (residential, commercial & light industrial) and the pedestrian friendly layout (generous open spaces, community walk corridors, community park, etc.) merge to create significant potential for a vibrant, live/work community. Saddler Ridge Phase 2 will create a multi-use community which will take advantage of the natural settings, terrain and open spaces to create centrally located residential areas and a light industrial use area (located east of the Larimer County Canal, away from the residential use areas). The uses proposed with Saddler Ridge Phase 2 will work well with the Phase 1 uses (large lot residential and commercial) and together, they will create a multi-use community.
  • Location: Click HERE to view project location.
  • Total Project Size: 227 Residential Lots, 2 Multifamily Tracts, 5 Commercial Lots and 12 Light Industrial Lots
  • Development Types: Residential, Commercial and Light Industrial



  • Annexation: Annexed in 2003
  • Concept Plan: Approved December 7, 2015
  • Final Plat: Application Not Submitted


Proposed Review Dates

  • Planning Commission: TBA
  • Town Board: TBA
Last updated 5/19/2016


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