Chief of Police Misty Siderfin

About Misty:

      Chief Misty Siderfin has been in law enforcement for over 15 years. She has served in communities that vary in size but has a  passion for working in the smaller communities, involved with community policing and partnerships. During her career, she has  performed in various positions such as patrol investigator, negotiator, CIT coach, sergeant, and interim chief. During this time, she  has received several awards to include Chief Commendations and the Meritorious Award for work completed during her interim  service. Misty recently received the FBI LEEDA Trilogy Award for the completion of the Supervisor, Command and Executive level  leadership classes as well as other leadership courses.

      Misty is a native to Colorado. She has earned an Associate Degree in Criminology from Aims Community College in Greeley, CO  and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology from Regis University in Denver, CO. Her law enforcement career began with the Red  Rocks Police Academy and on graduating working for the Broomfield Police Department. She then moved into the ski resort  community of Summit County while working with the Town of Silverthorne. Where Misty spent time as a patrol officer, the patrol  investigator working closely with the Detective to help investigate cases that are more complex. Misty passed selection to become a  hostage negotiator with the Summit County SWAT HNT team and has taken part in a number of critical incidents which she helped  resolve peacefully and received commendations for a number of them. In 2014 Misty was tested, interviewed and passed to become a  sergeant with the department, at the same time she was approached by the Department of Homeland Security Immigration  department to become an agent and assist them with illegal immigrant criminals. The Chief of Police resigned in January 2016 and  Misty was asked by the Town Manager to be the interim Chief until a permanent replacement could be found. Misty carried on in this  position and was an applicant for the chief’s selection process.

      Misty was recently selected as the first Police Chief for the new Police Department in the Town of Severance. She is honored to  have been selected for this undertaking and looks forward to working closely with the community members, Town staff, and  surrounding agencies. Misty maintains an open-door policy by encouraging members to speak with her. She promotes transparency,  diversity, partnership, public education, community policing, problem solving, quality of life, and fair and ethical policing. In addition to  starting the police department, she is also working on earning her Master’s Degree in Criminology from with an emphasis in law  enforcement and leadership from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ.

      Misty loves to thinks of new creative ways to make work easier. Whether it’s allowing tickets to be paid online or updating old forms to recent standards, she is always pushing innovation. She likes to be spearheading research into new technologies that keep her officers and her citizens safe and protected while remaining well within budget. She believes that all people, whether it be an officer or a citizen, has a right to be protected.



Contact Information

Title: Chief of Police
Department: Public Safety
Name: Misty Siderfin
Phone Number: 970-685-9682

About The Department:

     The Severance Police Department started on August 27th in the year 2018.It was founded by Chief Misty Siderfin and Town Administrator Nicholas Wharton with the intention of bringing a greater sense of community to the Town of Severance. With help from Crystal Starck, Misty is beginning the process of laying the foundation for the Severance Police Department to have a bright future. Whether it be protecting and serving or coffee with a cop, Misty wants her police force to be known for the commitment to the community, their hard work and vigilance in keeping everyone safe and the ongoing duty to be the best they can be.

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