Blue Spruce Park

Located south of 4th Ave. (Weld County Road 74) at Timber Ridge Parkway and Blue Spruce Drive. Accessible from 4th Ave. and Timber Ridge Parkway and 4th Ave. and Foxtail Way.

Blue Spruce Park is a quiet place open spaces. It has a pond with a fountain, picnic tables, benches, shade trees and lots of grass. The pond is stocked with fish by the Department of Wildlife and fishing is permitted with proper license. These is no swimming or playing in the pond and no ice fishing is allowed.

Brownell Park

Located at the “Old Town Hall” 4th ave and First Street. (Weld County Road 74 and 23)

This is a small shady park in the center of “Old Town” with lots of grass and trees. It features a romantic gazebo, playground equipment, a basketball court and picnic tables.

Karen Suman Park

Located in the Timber Ridge subdivision at Timber Ridge Parkway and Pinon Pine Drive. Accessible from Timber Ridge Parkway, Mahogany Way and Pinon Pine Drive.

This neighborhood park is dedicated to the memory of the late Karen Suman, Mayor of Severance from 1998 to 2000. Karen Suman park offers open space, picnic tables, benches, playground equipment, trees, flowers and plenty of grass.

Lakeview Park

Located at the south end of Lakeview subdivision. Accessible from south First Street (Weld County Road 23) and Broadview Drive, Mallard Drive and Lakeview Drive.

This large park offers a large open space with trees and grass. Amenities include a covered picnic shelters, restrooms, BBQ pits,  playground equipment, skate board park, sand volleyball court, and basketball courts. It has four parking areas, one at the entrance at south First Street and Broadview Drive, the south end of Mallard Drive, the south end of Lakeview Drive and an asphalt one at the south end of the park.

Summit View Park

Located in the middle of the Summit View Subdivision and can be accessed on all sides from Summit View Dr., Evans Dr., and Audubon Blvd.

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