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As the Town of Severance receives referrals from surrounding Towns and Agencies regarding Planning Projects, these projects will be posted on this page. For additional information or to comment on these projects, please visit the provided links under each agency.  


Weld County Projects

  • Commercial Storage APPLICATION (Referral Received 1/15/18)


***For more information or to comment on Weld County Projects please visit: 



Town of Windsor Projects

  • Rocky Mountain Sports Park  APPLICATION (Referral Received on 12/8/2017)
  • Windsor Annexation APPLICATION (Referral Received on 1/15/18)


***For more information or to comment on Town of Windsor Projects, please visit:


Reviewed Referrals

  • Rocky Mountain Sports Park (Windsor, Responded 1/18)


  • PUDZ17-006 (Weld County, responded 1/18)


  • RECX17-0150 (Weld County, responded 1/18)


  • RECX17-0208 (Weld County, responded 1/18)


  • RECX17-0208 (Weld County responded 1/18)


  • SUBX17-0034 (Weld County, responded 12/17)


  • SUBX15-0035 (Weld County, responded 12/17)


  • USR-DRYWALL (Weld County, responded 12/17)




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