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Development Projects

Below is a comprehensive list of all development applications which are currently active within the Town of Severance. For more information on any of these projects, please contact Mitch Nelson, Town Planner, via email HERE or at 970-686-1218.

  • Hunters Crossing Annexation and Zoning (Click HERE for Additional Information) 
  • Hunters Crossing Annexation and Zoning (Click HERE for Additional Information)  
Concept Plans
Preliminary Plats
  • Buffalo Creek (Click HERE for Additional Information)
Final Plats
  • Golden Eagle Acres (Final Plat yet to be submitted)
  • Tailholt 2nd Filing (Click HERE for Additional Information) 
Site Plans
Variance Applications
Land Use Code Changes
  • Conditional Use Site Plan (Click HERE for Additional Information)

    Recently Approved Projects

    • Land Use Code Changes Round 1 (Approved 12/2017)
    • Golden Eagle Acres Preliminary Plat (Approved 12/2017)
    • Tailholt Preliminary Plat and Amended Concept Plan (Approved 12/2017) 
    • The Reserve Annexation Zoning and Concept Plan (Approved 9/2017)
    • Saddler Ridge Replat (Approved 9/2017)
    • Golden Eagle Annexation Zoning, and Concept Plan (Approved 8/2017)
    • Bornhoft Annexation and Zoning (Approved 8/2017)
    • Hidden Valley Filing 4 Plat (Approved 7/2017)
    • Hunters Crossing Concept Plan (Approved 7/2017)
    • Scotch Pines Lot 2 Dental (Approved 6/2017)
    • Severance South Annexation, Zoning, and Concept Plan (5/2017)
    • The Overlook Final Plat (Approved 05/2017)
    • 125 W 4th Ave Setback Variance (Approved 04/2017)
    • 1311 Cliffrose Dr Home Based Business (Approved 03/2017)
    • 1226 Baldridge Dr Home Based Business (Approved 03/2017)
    • 11656 County Road 72 Accessory Dwelling Variance (Approved 03/2017)
    • High School No.2 Annexation and Zoning (Approved 03/2017)
    • High School No.2 Concept Plan (Approved 02/2017)
    • Eco-Site (T-Mobile) Wireless Cell Tower Site Plan (Approved 12/5/16)G
    • GJ Gardner Homes Setback Variance (Approved 12/5/16)
    • Saddler Ridge Southern Concept Plan (Approved 11/7/16)
    • Sunset Ridge Phase III (Denied)
    • Red Willow Self Storage (Application Withdrawn)
    • Variance Request for 1496 Moraine Valley Dr. (Denied 10/2016)


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PO Box 339
Severance, CO 80546
Phone - 970-686-1218
Fax - 970-686-6250