To complete the below form, you’ll need these documents:

  1. Authorization to release information (this needs to be signed and notarized)
  2.   Copy of your driver’s license
  3.   Copy of your birth certificate
  4.   Copy of your P.O.S.T. certification
  5.   Copy of academy graduation certificate
  6.   If you do not have a P.O.S.T. certificate, please include a Proof of Enrollment in a state certified police academy
  7.   DD214 (if applicable)
  8.   Any other pertinent training documents (Limit of 50)

All forms can be turned in as a paper copy to the Town Hall of Severance. There is an option to upload these forms digitally at the end of the application. If you wish to not have these records digitally uploaded, just select “I will turn in papers” at the start of the Attachments page.


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